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Why I Deserve Membership of the NYS Honor Society

The New York State Science Honor Society was the first statewide science honor society to be established in the United States in 1991. The society is sponsored by STANYS foundation. NYSHS encourages interest and understanding in science and science-related careers, as well as recognizing the achievements of high school students in science subjects. Member students have to be passionate about research, participate in science related activities, have demonstrated achievement in learning science, should be service-minded, and possess excellent personal character.

Following my achievements in related fields, I am convinced that I deserve to be a member of the NYS Honor Society. First, I possess exemplary leadership skills at different levels. I am the Secretary of the POB-JFK Bands, a position that I serve with efficacy, and the club members are satisfied with my service. I am also the Vice President of Kids on the Block. I believe my achievements, skills, and experience in leadership qualify me to be a member of the society.

Secondly, I have also demonstrated excellence participation in science. My enthusiasm for research rewarded me in 2014 when I won the Excellence in Science Award for Earth Science. I was in 9th grade then and have since furthered my research in science. While in my 10th grade, I was involved in the Living Environment Honors, an indication of my passion for the environment and other life forms. Also, I am currently involved in Chemistry Honors. I am therefore convinced that my achievements in science and science-related fields would be a big boost for my membership.

Service to the community is a significant aspect of accession to the NYS Honor Society. I have as well demonstrated this when I served my community by working in the TAG program at my school. This program helps with individual needs. Finally, candidates may be considered eligible after attaining their 9th grade and having completed a Regents level or accelerated 8th-grade science course. My qualifications satisfy all these requirements. I would, therefore, wish for consideration for membership in the NYS Honor Society.


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