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Security Dilemma


The present paper concentrates on international relations, namely on the security dilemma. Several strategies that could help states avoid security dilemmas are explained. Apart from this, the possibility of escaping from the security dilemma is discussed in the paper.Security DilemmaThe security dilemma reduces itself to a process of increasing a state’s security using the means which can potentially decrease the security of other states. As a result, international relations between two states are characterized by tensions and diplomatic conflicts. Thus, the ways of mitigation of the security dilemma should be discussed.As one of the theorists of the security dilemma Robert Jervis notices, there are seven basic elements typical of the security dilemma. They are the following: its structural origin; uncertainty and fears of the states concerning each other’s intentions are significant for maintaining the security dilemma; the security dilemma is unintentional, since it appears as a result of defensive actions; the dilemma leads to the decrease of one of the states’ security; one of the unintended results of the security dilemma can be a war; the dilemma is not the reason for all wars; the dynamics of the security dilemma is self-enhancing and can be compared to a spiral (Tang 592).

Thus, the key elements causing the security dilemma are uncertainties and fears. Therefore, they should be overcome to mitigate the dilemma. However, the mitigation and even the absence of the security dilemma is sometimes preconditioned by the geographical position and advanced technologies, as it is in the case of the United States which has always been quite secure from invasions. Nevertheless, according to Robert Jervis (184), compromising the defenses of other states is a necessary condition of defending a state’s territories by military means.

There is an opinion that the security dilemma can hardly be escaped. It can be weakened due to the process of decreasing uncertainty concerning states’ intentions (Schmah, 2012). The severity level of the security dilemma can be changed by physical factors (including technology and geography) and by psychological factors (misperceptions) as well (Tang 592). Robert Jervis also admits long-term cooperation in the sphere of security between two states involved into the security dilemma as one of the means of its mitigation.A significant means of mitigating the security dilemma dynamics presupposes a refusal from threatening military position and resorting to diplomatic actions. Policymakers of the states involved in the security dilemma should take into account the fears of other states in order to understand their position and thus act in an adequate way. Apart from this, according to Robert Jervis, states should choose stable political environment and believe that other states also strive for mutual security to escape or even avoid security dilemmas. Besides, it is important to realize that one’s security should not undermine the security of other states. Finally, states have to consider war as an unacceptable means of gaining their security.

As a result, the above mentioned conditions can become stimulus for security cooperation and, …

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