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I believe I possess many qualities and skills, which are highly valued among employers. Ideal work conditions, as for me, would be the ones, which assure application and development of these skills. In particular, I have good communication skills, as I am good at listening and making sense of the reading, as well as effectively communicating my ideas and results of my work. Still, communication skills can only flourish in the organization with the culture of open communication, where managers devote enough time to the communication of organizational strategy and values, give and seek feedback.

It is important that work is not limited to instructions and demands set forth before the employees, but the company seeks to know what particular contribution each employer can make and perceive each contribution as meaningful. The ideal working place will also work to promote employees communication skills promoting interpersonal communication and teaching strategies of giving impersonal critics and resolving conflicts. I am flexible, passionate about learning new things and dedicated to personal development. Therefore, ideal working conditions will presuppose the variability of job responsibilities and the ability to learn new things at work. Ideal working conditions also presuppose that the company invests in employees’ education and training, as well as takes care to stay informed about new trends and management practices itself, and applies them efficiently. Another important issue it effective supervision, which makes the employee more confident and able to take risks and try new things instead of staying in his comfort zone all the time.

I consider that previously companies simply viewed what knowledge and skills the applicant had and thought of what he could give them. Such conditions were limiting both for employer’s and employee’s potential development. However, I can also observe the society to be changing in the right direction, as stress is beginning to be put on talents, which are further developed to meet the needs of the organization or suggest something valuable the company cannot even predict. I am technology friendly and I celebrate the use of professional software, which also means the ideal employer has to invest in technology and software and provide relevant training, if necessary. I think the society, too, has to appreciate that technology substitutes much of the manual work and learn to trust to and cooperate with the new tools. For examples, I think that practices of simultaneously keeping electronic and manual records should be eliminated. I am also good at creative thinking and problem-solving. These skills may be best utilized when the organization grants enough free choice and authority to the employee. I believe that when an employee is demanded to perform the task in the given time in the given manner and consult authority in any case of hardship, his creativity, and problem-solving skills are being lost. It is killing the employee’s initiative and does not allow the organization to reach better performance and attain better results.

The ideal company, as for me, demands the work to be done and the client …

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