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Services Marketing Plan for ACCKP


The initial marketing plan is focused on the development of the effective marketing strategy of the Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place (ACCKP). The marketing plan is based on the analysis of the existent marketing mix of ACCKP, analysis of the competitive environment of ACCKP and SWOT analysis of the organization. The recommendations are provided for the improvement of the each point of the marketing mix and the plan for the promotional marketing campaign is developed.Services Marketing Plan for ACCKP

Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place (ACCKP) is the community based center, providing the unique opportunity to investigate Aboriginal art and culture. The initial paper is expected to analyze the existent marketing strategy of ACCKP and to provide recommendation for its enhancement. For this purpose the competitors analysis is conducted, as well SWOT analysis of the organization. This information will provide an opportunity to identify the core competencies of ACCKP, which are to form the basis for the enhancement of its marketing strategy. Finally a marketing campaign for the promotion of ACCKP’s services is developed.

Company’s background

ACCKP is the cultural center, which focuses on the promotion of the Aboriginal art and culture. It is established in the city Armidale, which is well known for its diverse history and culture. ACCKP has many sections, such as a gallery, a musical section, interactive corner for children, a movie area, an archaeological section and many others (Retrieved from These sections provide a number of services, such as historical tours, art exhibitions, musical concerts and film about Aboriginal culture. The aim of the organization is to promote the Aboriginal culture within the Australian region. The center plays important role in the development of the cultural tourism in the region, as well as provides educational services for the people interested in Aboriginal culture. The unique feature of the center is the provision of the cultural workshops for the visitors of all ages: preschool children, pupils and students, as well for cultural tourists, local organizations and clubs. Actually the marketing strategy of the company is service focused, meaning that the narrow range of services is provided to the broad market.

Competitive analysis

Figure 1. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (Porter, 1980).

This figure illustrates the competitive analysis of ACCKP.This part of the paper is focused on the competitive analysis of ACCKP. Porter’s Five Forces analysis technique is implemented to verify the key characteristics of ACCKP’s competitive environment (Cadle, Paul and Turner, 2010). It was defined that ACCKP faces low competitive rivalry, low threat of substitution and supplier power. At the same time the buyer power within the company and threat of the new entry is rather high.The unique feature of ACCKP is the provision of the narrow services, such as specific cultural services focused on the Aboriginal culture. Although there are many cultural centers in the Armidale, none of them focuses in particular on the Aboriginal culture. As a result, the competitive rivalry and …

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