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Seven Short Papers

Paper 1

President Woodrow Wilson was the United States president when the Federal Reserve was created. It was created on 23rd of December 1913 when he signed the Federal Reserve Act, and it was created to ensure the country had a more flexible and stable financial system ( 19th amendment to the United States Constitution gave women the right to vote and it was ratified in 1920. The amendment needed a long and difficult struggle as several generations of women supporters wrote, lobbied, lectured, and practiced civil disobedience to ensure the Constitution was amended (

Paper 2

The word boycott found its way into the English language as a result of a dispute between Captain Charles Boycott and the Irish Land League in the year 1880. At the time, landlords used to exploit Irish tenants farmers, and the farmers on the land where Boycott worked as a landlord’s agent demanded that their rents be reduced. The Irish Land League that farmers refuse to do business with Boycott and thus in 1880 the newspapers in Britain adopted the word (McNamara).The word pandemonium was coined by the English John Milton in the 17th Century and it first appeared in his famous literary work titled Paradise Lost ( The word has been used commonly in the 21st Century to refer to some significant events that have occurred in contemporary times, for example, the Pacific Tsunami and the hurricane Katrina as it is attached to conditions of chaos and mass confusion.

Paper 3

The Academy Award for best actor was won by actor Henry Fonda, who lived from May 16th, 1905 to August 12th, 1982. He won the award for the role he played in the film On Golden Pond in 1981 as the movie was a great success (Fonda). The famous twentieth-century American author who wrote The Old Man and the Sea was Ernest Miller Hemingway, who also happened to be a journalist (Goodreads). He had an economical and understated style of writing that had a huge impact on twentieth-century fiction while his life and public image strongly influenced later generations after him. Although there are other minor galaxies that are closer to Milky Way galaxy, the major galaxy closer to it is the Andromeda galaxy. This galaxy is also known as M31, and it is the brightest galaxy in the whole universe. It can be observed by unaided eye, and it appears like a ball of light that is larger than the full moon as it is at a distance of 2.3 light years (McClure).The famous English poet and playwright William Shakespeare from 1564 to 1616 (

Paper 4

He was born to John Shakespeare, who was a glove maker and a tradesman, and Mary Arden, who was the daughter of a successful farmer and he grew up in a small town which was 100 miles northwest of the main town, London.A large library that existed in ancient Egypt …

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