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Sexual Control


The main aim of this essay is to observe a significant theme of various controls that can be of various types as individual control of sexual behavior or reproduction, individual control of another, society or medical attempts to control groups or individuals and control of women patriarchy. This essay is concentrated on the document “The Traffic in Women” by Emma Goldman. The white slave traffic, prostitution has been a widespread problem and nowadays, there is no way to stop this process. Women of different nationalities and economic statues waste their life working for dollars due to underpaid labor. Moreover, the politicians do not want to fight with this problem, it is much more profitable to play the Pharisee.

Sexual Control in the United States

According to Emma Goldman, considers that a lot of women are involved in the process of prostitution both who sells themselves to different men and who sells to a one person in or out of marriage (Peiss, 2002). That is why the economic and social inferiority of woman is responsible for prostitution. However, there are many others, no less important, factors that led women to prostitution. It is widespread fact that women is being observed as a sex commodity and then she is kept in total ignorance of the meaning and importance of sex. Comparing two articles from primary sources and sources from class, we can observe that even though we do not have slavery in the United States, we have another problem instead. Prostitution is one of the main problems in the modern society. Parents should discuss such problems with their children, pay attention for their education, and help to develop their children personality in order to get rid of this problem. In the first essay, we can identify an individual control of women`s sexual behavior or reproduction, individual control of violence, physical and emotional abuse.

The main reason is that a lot of modern young girls cannot find the right way in the life, their parents do not pay attention for their personal life, they often fail tests at schools, leading to prostitution or sometimes, it can be any other form of relationships which degrades her to the position of an object for mere sex gratification. Modern society observes the sex experiences of a man as attributes of his personal development, whereas a woman experience is observed as a terrible calamity, a loss of individuality and honor. These girls usually work and live in a crowded, dirty place without any comfort. Thus, these factors bring women to a climax condition as a result. Society creates the corresponding conditions where women cannot survive, thus they decide to go into prostitution and then, society is starting getting rid of these women, because not everyone wants to connect his life with a girl from a street, even though he can save her from terrible life. A lot of white slaves are imported from different countries, especially to New York, because there are a lot of foreigners in …

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