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Sexual Violence Prevention Guide for Hospitality Industry

The signs or concerns involving sexual violence

Unwanted attention from someone at the workplace.

Receiving sexual advances from seniors to receive promotions.

Sexual bullying or molestation from male or female workmates.

Improper behavior by customers involving emotional or physical assault.

Actual physical abuse at the work.

How companies can protect their employees from the sexual violence crimes taking place

There should be security personnel in place to handle customers with sexual violence tendencies

There should be a proper reporting structure in place for such cases.

There should be a swift response in case actual physical abuse occurs.

There should be a hotline for emergency response.

Preventative measures, including security precautions to be in place

They should invest in security personnel equipped and skilled to handle such cases.

Personal training of all employees on how to protect themselves when an attack occurs.There could be campaigns to sensitize people on the severity of such offenses.

They could also lobby for severe punishments such as life sentences for perpetrators to deter any assailants.

They could invest in CCTV cameras around the premises as well as ensure that the place is well lit.

The design and set up of such places should be such that there is security personnel everywhere as well as to ensure all places are in the public eye. (FCADV, 2015)

Employee help or counseling programs, numbers, or websites

There should be hotline numbers around the premises to call when an incident occurs.

There should be well-trained professional probably some of the employees to counsel victims of such attacks.

There should be an interactive website where victims can open up about their experiences and report abuse without prejudice.

There should support groups for such victims to help each other in healing from the trauma (WCSAP, 2015).


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