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Shaping Behavior

It often occurs that person cannot explain oneself acts in a certain way in similar situations. Human's consciousness doesn't always control the actions and feelings and doesn't always determine the way of our thinking. There exist other factors, which often turn to be the driving force and determine the way of human behavior. Motives and needs, which were not properly realized by human's conscious because of various reasons, can significantly affect the conscious motivational setting. It is important to bear in mind that significant, influencing on our future decisions may be formed on an unconscious level. Reflecting on the psyche and human behavior, we must pay special attention to the role of the brain, nervous system, sensory systems, and cognitive functions in shaping behavior.

We want to believe that we have free will and control our actions and decisions, but studies of the brain show that all this can only be an illusion. We feel as if we are making a choice, and in fact there is no choise. All the mechanisms of the brain are determined, about which we are not aware.In addition, scientists have identified the influence of gender on human life and activities. So in the course of experiments, it was found for sure that women and men have different reactions to stressful situations. They perceive them differently, and memories about the events may also vary significantly.

Differences caused by gender were detected in brain structures, and not only in the anatomical structure of these zones. It was identified that biochemical processes associated with synthesis of hormones and other processes are not identical. It was determined that the frontal lobes of the brain of men are less developed than the same parts of the brain of women, which explains an emotionality of women. On the other hand men have larger areas in the parietal region, which allow them to perceive space easier. Another structure that takes part in the formation of the male-type behavior in stressful situations is the amygdala. That is it regulates cardiac activity and is responsible for the synthesis of adrenaline (Damasio, 571-572).The search for differences at a deeper cellular level has given very interesting results. It was found that areas of the women's brain responsible for speech perception have a rich structure of neurons and the corresponding functions among females are more developed as well.

The sensitivity of nervous system also affects the behavior of humans. Those who have strong and weak type of nervous system differ in terms of endurance and sensitivity. People with a strong nervous system are characterized as highly efficient, have low susceptibility to fatigue, the ability for a long period of time to remember and to take care of the performance of several types of jobs at the same time, which means they efficiently operate their attention. In situations of intense activity and increased accountability they have improved their performance. Moreover, in a normal, everyday activity they develop a state of monotony, of boredom, which reduces the efficiency …

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