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Three Personal Goals

The three personal goals are doing well in my education, succeeding in my profession and career, and building a happy and peaceful family. Abraham Maslow wanted to understand what motivated individuals. In his discover, he presented the idea that individuals possess a set of motivation systems not related to rewards or unconscious desires (McLeod, 2007).

According to Maslow, individuals are motivated to achiever particular needs. When an individual fulfils one need, he or she seeks to fulfil the next one, and so on (McLeod, 2007). My personal goals align with this theory in that, they follow a certain hierarchy of achievement. After excelling in my education, I will develop the need of progressing and succeeding in my career. Success in my career and profession will spark the desire to build a happy family.

These goals have a hierarchy with which I am to achieve them (Zalenski, & Raspa, 2006) I am strongly against the legalization of same-sex marriage. On my point of view, bringing together individuals of the same sex does not make that situation a marriage. For generations, marriage has always been a commitment between women and men which is ordered toward procreation and education of children and the unity and wellbeing of those in the marriage (Eskridge, & Rosenthal 2008).

Those advocating for same-sex marriages propose something that is entirely different from the concept of marriage. By proposing the union between two women or two men, they deny the self- evident physiological, biological, and psychological difference between women and men which find their complementarity in marriage. Furthermore, as a Christian, I believe that God created man and woman and instructed them to be one and reproduce to fill the world. If people of the same sex unite in marriage, this will of God may not be fulfilled (Olson, & Harrison 2006). Students intrinsically motivated to learn are driven by the desire to adopt learning skills or behavior because it is personally rewarding. For such students, their emotional well- being and their self- motivation is their reward (Eccles, & Roeser, 2009). For this reason, they do not need any tangible item to motivate them to engage in an activity.

For this reason, using concrete rewards to increase adaptive behavior in such students may be disadvantageous because they might not motivate the students in any way (Eccles, & Roeser, 2009). Grades on assignments are significant in helping me to assess my progress in learning. Through the grades, I am able to track my achievements in academics and establish my weaknesses and strengths. In this way, I can establish areas of my studies that need more commitment and attention. Furthermore, grades in assignments provide a framework of benchmark that assists me in understanding my learning skills in relation to other students.


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