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High School Students Not Prepared For College In CanadaName of StudentInstitution affiliation High School Students Not Prepared For College In Canada Nowadays high-speed developing society requires from students to have specific knowledge in a wide range of areas in order to keep abreast with the time. For this reason, it is hard to overestimate the importance of getting higher education in high schools, colleges and universities. Since success in college is strongly dependent on achievements during precollege academic preparation, the major concerns are centered on the big gap between different levels of higher education. A recent research of over a thousand Canadian and American colleges and universities reports that “many high school seniors are not prepared academically for college-level work and have not developed the habits of the mind and heart that will stand them in good stead to successfully grapple with more challenging intellectual tasks” (Kuh, 2007, p. 5). Testing high school graduates’ knowledge of the core subjects, including English, math, reading and science, has shown that they do not have enough ground knowledge and skills for successful performance in college or workforce. Readiness for college in terms of such subjects as English and reading is reported, in general, to have stayed unchanged for several years. However, several studies suggest that there is a decline in these subjects as well, which is influenced by students spending more and more time on the web, entertaining themselves. The scores in science and math, on the other hand, have slightly increased in recent years. But still these two areas are considered to be the ones, in which students need to make up the most, so that to keep pace with the time. At present, approximately half of students demonstrate the level of expertise enough to succeed in college entry courses in math. This number is lower and constitutes only 30% of students with appropriate level of expertise in science. Constant need for improvement can be tracked in such subjects as science, engineering, technology and math (Sheehy, 2012). Considering the fact that Canada is currently facing a severe shortage of skilled labor (Millar, 2014), the issue of high school and college preparation of students becomes even more often raised nowadays. Such great shortage of skilled workers is often related to discrepancies in science and technology degrees in the country. From this point of view, Canadian national welfare, standard of living, and even defense can be jeopardized because of the lack of the trained creative intelligence (Millar, 2014). This appears to be the main reason of continuous debate over knowledge and skills gap between high school preparation and college entry requirements. However, a number of surveys show that it is not only scientific and technical skills high school graduates lack while trying to cope well at college. Despite of being unprepared academically for profound learning in technical, mathematical and humanitarian courses, a lot of high school graduates turn out to have poor communication skills, poor writing and numeric skills, poor analytical skills (Millar, 2014). High …
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