Should the Government Require Healthcare Organizations to Be Nonprofit? essay sample

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Should the government require healthcare organizations to be nonprofit, or should the government allow healthcare organizations to operate for profit?

Although we have always wanted to save money and get medical treatment of high quality at the same time, we still pay tremendous sums of money for being healthy. Any government is obliged to help the citizens to stay healthy and save, that is why the government healthcare organizations should offer free services. The patients shouldn’t pay for anything in medical organizations ranging from analyses and medications to shoe covers and gloves. Annual U.S. healthcare spending hits $3,8 trillion (Munro, 2014). Sometimes these expenses take the most of the earned money and in some cases people cannot afford medical treatment at all. Not everybody is ready to pay for insurance, so when cases of emergency occur, people have to pay big amounts of money at once. It comes not only about the very poor people, but also about the citizens with the average income, who nevertheless cannot afford health care. As for homeless people, they cannot afford medical treatment at all – but we still need to care about them.

Nowadays, we got used to paying for healthcare, but paid treatment doesn’t mean the one of the high quality. The professionalism of the workers of medical institutions doesn’t depend on the profits of these organizations. The managing directors of the paid healthcare organizations often hire their friends and relatives, who may be not professionals in the medicine, but take big sums of money for treatment, so that it is far better to get medical help from the governmental organizations for free. The thing is that the medical specialists of nonprofit healthcare organizations are none that worse than the specialists of profit ones. Besides the fact that the US government provides extension courses and certification for all workers of government organizations (Official Website of the Department of Homeland Security, 2013), doctors in nonprofit institutions usually have much more patients than in profit ones, and it means, that they try to stick to the standards of treatment and have more experience in dealing with different medical cases.

The government medical treatment organizations should hire the graduates from governmental but not private educational institutions. They should possess not only the necessary knowledge and skills but also a great desire to help people and not just to earn money. The students of medical colleges and universities should study for free.

Government healthcare organizations shouldn’t be allowed to offer paid services. Examples seem to indicate that when the services are not free, healthcare organizations tend to take as much money as possible for analyses and treatment by making their patients waste money on expensive procedures. It may seem that to be treated for money means to be treated forever. What is the sense of saying you that you are healthy if you pay when you are ill? That’s why it turns out that those patients who pay for their treatment have to pass through many unnecessary medical …

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