Sister Citizen and Still Brave: Black women in America essay sample

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Sister Citizen and Still Brave: Black women in America

Black women in America are faced with many challenges. Racism is conspicuous in the black woman’s world living in America. The coloured women have to contend with sexual discrimination, out of the racist ideologies, and nobody seems to be ready to come to their aid.

They cannot even join women groups because the some women of a different race may not want to have any contact with them. This has reduced them to half-humans with racist descriptions being the order of the day. This paper will use Still Brave and Sister Citizen books to show how the authors address the political perspective regarding race and sexual discrimination of the contemporary African American woman's life. The discussion will be based on chapter one, Crooked Room, in the book Sister Citizen and Black Women: Shaping Feminist Theory, in the book Still Brave.Crooked Room In the United States, feminism has been characterised with sexist oppression, women who have no power and remain confined in that cocoon.

The women are unable to change their condition in life and for a long time, they have remained silent about the oppression. The crooked room is comprised of narcissism, self-indulgence, and insensitivity which adds up to a progressive dehumanization of the black women. African American women’s continue to struggle with the slanted images of the crooked room to gain recognition. There are myths that black women make bad mothers. Black women continue to stand upright amidst the crooked images they continue to encounter. Their reactions to issues of sexual assault are linked to their beliefs about the stereotype of them being promiscuous. The stereotypes continue to affect how the black women as political actors. Like Harris-Perry notes, “Having a clear view of the distorted images and painful stereotypes that make America a crooked room for African American women is the first step toward understanding how these stereotypes influence black women as political actors ”(p.32).

Black Women: Shaping Feminist Theory This part compares with the Crooked Room by expanding the theme of racial oppression.Black women in America are a silent majority who continue to face victimization due to their race. Hooks comments that “The women are daily beaten down, mentally, physically, and spiritually-women who are powerless to change their condition in life” (p.1). They are not allowed to join women groups to mix with white women who consider the black women as naturally impure. According to Hooks, however, the black women do not show many struggles for freedom from the oppression. They are instead looking up on white women to fight for the general freedom of all women. To them, a feminist is just an indicator of living conditions of white women. They know that they are truly oppressed but are not engaging themselves in any organized resistance or are unable to articulate the nature of their oppression (Hooks 193-210).

Hooks remarks that “These black women saw nothing liberatory in party-line analyses of women’s oppression” (p.11). Black women may choose to conquer …

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