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The general structure of the skeleton is a system of attached bones which supports the body for the muscles and creates movement ate the joints. The bones meet at the joints and articulate to each other to form a rigid structure inside the body. It consists of the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton (Scott, 2016).

Inherited skeletal disorder

Skeletal dysplasia refers to dwarfism. It consists of many conditions affecting bone and cartilage growth. A child born with skeletal dysplasia will have anomalous variances in the size and shape of their legs, arms, trunk, or skull. There are two main types, primary and secondary. Primary dysplasia is caused by mutated genes which are expressed phenotypically in the mesenchymal tissues. Secondary dysplasia results from extra osseous factors causing developmental abnormalities of the skeletal system (Bonakdar-Pour et al., 2010).

Skeletal injury

Injuries of the cranium can be very fatal. The cranium has two layers for protection since it covers the brain which has very many neurons and has many nervous system functions, and components. Fatal blows to the cranium may break it and hurt injure regions of the brain which have these roles. The injury may lead to the death of the sufferer or their coma. In some cases, it can result in irreparable mental damage (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 2012).


Functions of five skeletal bones

The cranium protects the inner ear and the eyes. It also protects the brain. The ribs protect the internal thoracic tissues like the lungs and the heart. The lower and the upper limbs have joints that are useful for movement. The vertebral column protects the spinal cord and provides support to the body. The pelvic girdle has the articulation point in the hips which allows movement. It also bears the weight of the body (Scott, 2016).

The disorder and injury

Those sufferers who have the isolated malfunctions of the skull have a primary closure of one or several sutures in the cranium. The cranium has those pores for the entry of blood vessels and nerves into the brain. It also alters the shape of the skull which can be traumatizing to the affected individuals.

Levels the damage can occur if applicable.When fetuses are affected by the ailment, they may get the condition known as Turricephalia, which causes abnormal growth in the height of the skull. Hemolytic anemia may at times accompany the condition. Those who are affected by Scaphocephalia get an abnormal flattening of the parietal bones which results in a sagittal structure known as boat head. It may also lead to brain malfunctions, for instance, the individuals who are affected by Encephalocele have incomplete ossification in cranium bones which lead to brain malfunctions.

Those affecting appendicular structures are also detrimental. They may cause the absence of a limb or the underdevelopment of a proximal or distal limb for instance in Amelia and hemimelia respectively. In rare cases, diplomelia and diplopodia the limb is duplicated and a hand or foot respectively (Adler, 2013).

Radiographic tests can show the presence of the …

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