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Origins of Gun Control Problem in the USA

Few factors lie at the base of the gun control problem in the USA. Some of them are listed in the essay below.

Guns availability

The most important factor that contributes to the problem of gun ownership and shootings is the number of guns owned by the public. In the US 88 people out of a 100 have guns. It is the highest rate in the world, therefore due to the scale, the incidents are bound to happen more often. It is proven by the statistics, which shows that the US has 6 times more gun-involved homicides than Canada and more than 20 times more than in Australia (Council on Foreign Relations, 2015). The US has the highest rate of such crimes out of all the developed countries in the world.

Ineffective protection measure.

A lot of the problem of gun control has been added by the ineffectiveness of protection measures against it. These measures include background checks, mental health evaluations, certain regulations etc. However, quite often these systems are not enough to prevent a gun reaching hands of, for example, a young, depressed child who then proceeds to kill his class and teachers (USATODAY.COM, 2015).

Mental health

Speaking of young people and their mental health, the recent trends of mental health problems in the US are also an alarming factor. More and more youth has some sort of mental disorder, such as mood swings or depression, and these combined with the gun ownership are very dangerous (, n.d.).

Media coverage

Another factor to have in mind is the media coverage. While some blame media for being biased and not giving proper highlight to firearm incidents, one can argue they provide too much coverage. After a mass shooting, the person responsible is featured in every major news reports, it is discussed in social media etc. In a certain way, it creates fame for this person, and some in their perverted chase for it may give in and kill others.


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