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The American population is growing more diverse rapidly with the Asian and Hispanic population increasing. This means that the United States population will be very diverse, and there are concerns that racism may take a toll and shoot to higher levels.

Thus, a means to stop the menace is required quickly. The society thus requires the collaboration of different people from various communities to come up with a solution to the problem. To come up with an action plan which would address this issue as a community, I have initiated a reconciliatory project that raises awareness where people who suffer from racism can unite and face this issue as a group. It unites people from different ethnic backgrounds through community meetings and dialogue through Facebook advertisement.

According to Horton, racism is a common issue to all non-Americans, and thus, it would be easy to bring people together, and design and action plan to address the issue (Horton et al., 1998). This essay will hence show how I have initiated a reconciliatory project due to the racism I experienced since my childhood. It employs the social media as a means of advertising community meetings and dialogue.My story within this inequity. I had been victimized too and had long-lasting effects in my life. I am mixed; between a Mexican, my mother and a Welsh, my father. I was raised in Los Angles, United States.

As a little girl, I experienced racism. Being a half-cast was a special condition since I was different from most of the people and did not have an ethnicity to side with.I was too light-skinned to fit in the Mexicans though everyone could tell that I was one. My poor Spanish also put me off since it would not help me feel more comfortable when interacting with Mexicans and they would laugh at it. Some whites were prejudiced against the Mexicans; hence, I experienced much prejudice and harsh reactions from most people that I encountered. This resulted in low self-esteem and insecurity.My perception of other people have thus been filled with sympathy and also some a form of insecurity. I got sympathy for those people who were discriminated against on the basis of their race. At times, it had led to their death and the loss of their property or habitation. When things were not so bad, then only hate speech, or verbal abuse was present. However, these, especially the second, led to conflicts that often culminated to the highest level, with disastrous effects.

I have thus gained the value of tolerance for different people. Presently, the distribution of different people is more diverse hence the environment is tenser since there are more chances of misunderstandings and disfavor.How I opened spaces for others to share their story around this inequityCommunication performs a vital role in the way we define other people. It relays their character, virtues, weaknesses, and …

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