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The article entitled “Top doctor: Social inequality in UK costing 550 lives every day” is an editorial regarding social inequality in the UK and mortality rate. The author primarily uses Sir Michael Marmot’s ideas and several other citations to argue that the poor in UK not only die several years earlier than their richer counterparts but also are at a higher risk of becoming disabled. According to the article, the primary cause of inequality in the country arises from the field of education.

In this context, the article presents research findings that if everybody in the UK had the same mortality of those with a university education, then we could present 202,000 premature deaths. As such, the author is in agreement that social inequality in the country is greatly determined by the education system. Furthermore, the author presents Marmot’s idea that the inequalities in conditions in which individuals are born, grow, live, work and age significantly determine their health conditions. In this manner, the writer insinuates that individuals are born into different social classes, where grow and age; hence, these social classes define who they are and largely influence their health statuses.

According to the article, this condition costs the UK approximately 550 lives a day. The author of this article cites Marmot’s book, The Health Gap, by stating that, those who blame lifestyle as the cause of social inequality in the country miss the point. The author argues that the mortality rate should not be attributed to lifestyle changes as trends in other conditions such as obesity and smoking do not reflect variations in lifestyle conditions. Finally, the article also presents thoughts about the social inequality situation in the UK. According to the author, social inequality has become a feature of the British life. This trend can be traced back in history, where since 1980; the share of total income received by the top one per cent of Britain has always been less than 13%. In this aspect, the article ends by citing a Department of Heath spokesperson who stated that it is the Departments desire that everyone in the UK has the same opportunity to live a long and healthy life, regardless of who they are or where they live. As such, the central work of the department is reducing health inequality, including its efforts to tackle obesity and reduce smoking. By such a quotation, the article seems to support the idea that social inequality causes health inequality which in turn leads to high mortality rates among the poor in the society.


a. Functionalist Sociology

The functionalist sociology views the society as being interdependent and contributes to the functioning of the society as a whole. According to the perspective, the government provides education for children in the families, that in turn pay taxes no which the state depends to keep itself running (Dorling, 2015). As such, every aspect of the society contributes to the general whereabouts of the entire society. A functionalist would look at the article in …

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