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Social Institutions

The government system found in Italy is comprised of the unitary parliamentary republic system, and is located in the Southern parts of Europe. Italy enjoyed economic stability in the 1940s, however, the country is currently facing problems in its political and economic fields, which in turn has affected the social institutions (New York Times, para.1-2).


Family is the most important unit in the Italian culture, which is evident from the way the way they interact in social gatherings. For instance, it is common to see Italian families frequently coming together on Sunday’s or after occasions to enjoy a meal. Large families also rely on each other in terms of support and bring up children. The government has agreed to the bills brought in by the Civil Union, which allows same sex marriage and adoption of children (AVvenire, para.1).ReligionItaly is a state that is dominated by individuals of the Catholic faith, which influences the lifestyle of many Italians. There are also other religious groups in Italy, which include Islam, orthodox Christians and Jews are among the other religious institutions found in the country. For instance, the Pope is seen to condemn corrupt deals that take place in the government (AVvenire, para.1). The Pope is also a key individual in addressing the challenges faced by people in Italy (Wallace, para.1). Muslim leaders also help in ensuring that there is peace in the country (Taboola, para.1-2).


The Education system requires that children in Italy join school at the age of 6 and end their primary and secondary education at the age of 16. This is after attending kindergarten at the age of 3 to 5 years. Thereafter, children who have completed their secondary education join the university. The country is comprised of 15 private and 61 public universities (Stewart & Bezzone, para.4-11). The education system has introduced English to the Italian Education System (Giuffrida, para.1-2). EconomyItaly is considered to have one of the biggest economy in the world and the European region. However, the economy of the country faces numerous challenges with unemployment being one of the major one. The financial sector also faces numerous challenges in terms of debts owned by the country. Corruption in the country is viewed as a factor that affects the economy. However, the country’s economy is picking up for instance Milan Stock recently showed positive results (Focus-Economics, para.5; L’Arena, para.1; AVvenire, para1-3). Companies CorporationsItaly is a state that is considered to have a favorable investment climate for both local and foreign corporations. The World Trade Organization monitors trade activities done by corporations in Italy. The government also controls Price controls and taxation, and foreign investment is encouraged by the government (Saveli, para.4). AssociationsItaly is considered one of the countries that has a high number of trade unions in the Europe. The trade unions are made up of employees and pensioners. The trade unions are made up of three main groups that represent its members. These confederations include CGIL, CSIL, …

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