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Sociological Imagination

My personal experience with racism has continuously been not only horrifying but also traumatizing. When I was still an adolescent, a Russian Employee yelled at me, cajoled me; ridiculing my attire that was revealing of my racial descent. I deduce this unfortunate experience as a continuum of the ethnic conception of the classical American society, which perceived persons from my racial fabric to be of least importance in the society and incompetent to partake in any progressive initiatives of the community.

However, I made one novel observation having analyzed this incident keenly. The aggressor was a Russian. This portends a great shift from the manner in which racial discrimination was rooted in the society a century ago. By that time, any other Race apart from the original White American society was subject to discrimination. Even though my race was at the very bottom of the pecking order, it was unnatural for Russians to be on the offensive but now it seems that the society has changed a lot.Analysis of InstitutionsThe problem of racial bias and racial discrimination has been greatly manifested in the Prison Department in the USA.

According to many scholars, the scourge of mass imprisonment has been perpetuated to a greater extent by the war on drugs policy. These laws have been classified to be part of an ingenious institutionalized system, which is solely geared towards subordinating or marginalizing a particular social group given that at that point in time. Without any decent job opportunities for them, African Americans ventured more in the drug business and as such, suffered immensely at the hands of the authorities. This state of affairs was a culmination of the incessant machinations by the dominant race back then to secure their supremacy by incapacitating the budding black supremacy.

The ideal intention could have been achieved in a way because since most of them are always in custody, they cannot vote and make democratic decisions; therefore their contribution to the political realm of the US is very minimal. They are also at risk of facing discrimination when it comes to employment, housing and they can also not earn benefits without deductions like garnishments and fines. Therefore, from a community perspective, there must be disgruntlement and political unrest regarding the status of this sect in the country intersectionality as much as racial discrimination was and still is rife in the American society, there are many factors that would occasion preferential or differential treatment for some people within that society.

From a biographical point of view, the inference that can be made is that in the African American Construction, the female gender faces less discrimination than their male counterparts. This is evidenced by the fact that the number of males unfairly incarcerated in prisons and those who are shot extra-judicially by police officers are far much higher than those of females. Therefore, gender has always informed such disparity be it now or even in the olden days.

As of now still, …

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