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Sociology Answers

Question 1

There are various ways in which scarcity are created in the economy. Unlimited resources characterize the Economy of Abundance, for instance, employments are created easily due to the unlimited resources and money (Paul 15). Therefore, social classes will disappear in the situation where the society is in the economy of abundance situation because all people in the society will be accessing the same resources; hence all people in the society will be of the same class unlike the situation where resources and accessible only to the well-off people.

Question 2

“Religion is the opiate of the masses” is perceived to have been said by Karl Marx. The meaning of the opiate of masses is something that is defined as inducing a false sense of contentment among the believers (Lewis, and Ray 12). Karl Marx believed that religion is the factor that captures the hearts of the majority in the world because in the world most of the people are guided by believes that are thought through their religion doctrines. However, most of the religion captives are not sure of what religion entails and the destination for their religion.

Question 3

Karl Marx described a just community as a community with equal access to resources and the government demands. It is injustice to ask the poor to pay taxes to the government at an equal rate with the rich. However, it is also not right to ask the wealthy who already bear the burden of tax on basics such as food to pay more even if they can afford (Kenneth 25). For the future generation, it is not fair to judge the quality of their life since so many debts accumulate for them to bear. Therefore, it is not about fairness or moral right but the capacity of the people in the society.

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