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Watching the video, I was surprised to learn that the deaf community appreciates their culture, and some would advocate remaining deaf just to preserve the deaf culture. The act of Peter and his wife, Nita fearing to lose their child, Heather to the ‘hearing world’ was beyond my expectations. Before watching the movie, I thought it was every parent’s joy to see their children have the ability to hear regardless of being deaf themselves.

However, I learned that some deaf parents would want their deaf children remain deaf just to protect the children’s deaf identity. For instance, Mari’s deaf parents in the movie object to the idea of a cochlear implant on their grandson, Peter (III) for fear of losing his deaf identity. They also wonder how he would communicate with them if the cochlear implant is successful. This taught me that the deaf community have an identity and culture that they treasure and love to protect. As the movie progresses, I learned, despite the people in the deaf community having special needs, they are still capable of leading successful lives at school, home, or work. From the movie, we see members of the family effectively communicating using sign language, and the deaf reading the lips of those blessed with the ability to speak. I also learned that members of the deaf community can undergo a successful cochlear implant and gain some ability of hearing. However, the cochlear implant is not a cure for deafness.

A deaf person who undergoes the implant will always be deaf with little ability to hear (Gale 124). Despite undergoing the implant, the deaf will always rely on the advocacy from those blessed with the ability to hear (Gale 124). For instance, Heather, who had undergone an implant in the movie, attends her local school but still uses an interpreter about half of the time.

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