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South Korea is a nation in the East Asian region which lies in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. The largest and main administrative center of the country is Seoul. The country has a population of approximately 51,000 people with Korean as the dominant ethnic group (Marinescu 67).

Other groups in the country include Chinese, Japanese, and other foreign individuals who moved to the country for different reasons. Most of the South Koreans reportedly fancy living in urban set-ups where they can lead a unique lifestyle. This is manifested in the way the country’s capital, Seoul, is populated. The city has an estimated 25 million inhabitants, which makes it the third largest in the world. This paper intends to describe different aspects of South Korea including its leadership, politics, and other socio-economic factors that influence its leadership.


South Korea’s culture is built around the culture of the Chinese individuals in the people’s republic of china. The country also shares its cultural foundation with that of North Korea (Marinescu 75). However, the two cultural structures have experienced different transformations and modifications since the separation of the two countries which have made them appear different. Most people have adopted an urban type of lifestyle which has also influenced the way they behave and relate to each other in the society. For instance, the males reportedly consume a lot of alcohol.

Politics and government

The Korean peninsula has experienced a fierce political battle between the North and the south. This is a clear indication of how the political environment of the region had developed during the years. This was influenced by the different political perceptions between leaders of the two regions. Whereas the north embraced a communist style of leadership, the south adopted a communist approach. Nonetheless, the country has a central government which is divided into three administrative arms. These include the executive, judiciary, and the legislature. The judiciary primarily engages in the enforcement of laws while the legislative arm of the government is concerned with the establishment of policies (JD Supra 88). The country is also established into about 8 administrative divisions while the president of is always chosen in an election.


South Korea is described as the world’s fourth largest economy. The country’s large population provides a good market for most of her companies and business organizations. The country also has some large multinational corporations such as Samsung electronics and Hyundai which makes it a manufacturing economy (Chae 499). The country relies heavily on the international trade where in exports numerous goods while still importing some products/materials. However, the country’s political and military conflicts with its Northern counterpart often results in tremendous economic losses, especial in its financial system. Military conflicts are an individuation of an environment clouded by insecurity which often scares away investors. The country was initially a low developed economy but embarked on the implementation and enforcement of development policies that helped create rapid economic growth in the period between the 90s and the 2000s. In fact, its …

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