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The best way to figure out ways to get a mark is to look at a sparknotes essay sample, but doing so without any advice can be overwhelming. How can you show insight? Is your score affected by typos? What is a good way to keep your essay organized?

The sample sparknotes essays which follow were written in response to this prompt that appears below. The rater commentary that follows each sample article explains the answer meets the criteria for that score.

Below you will find selected examples of essays that "worked," as nominated by our admissions committee. These entrances are distinct and unique in learning more about the student beyond the transcripts and lists of actions offered in their 37,, however, each of them assisted the admissions reader.

Your aim in composing your sparknotes essays is to produce a self-portrait that puts you at your target schools ahead of your competition and singles out you. To achieve this, your documents will have to be creative, thoughtful, and compelling. Below you will find sample essays that serve as examples of sparknotes essay excellence. As you read them, there are a number of key elements that you need to take note of: the distinct individuality of each essay, the clear motif, the engaging introduction, and also the conclusion that ties the composition with each other, making it a whole, coherent unit.

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Vengenance, Vicous and Violent
Vengeance, Vicious and Violent Shakespeare created immortal works where humanity for four centuries contemplated the most vivid embodiment o...
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