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Speech of tribute to the newlyweds

First and foremost, congratulations to the new couple, Luke and Joyce! Your face is bright and full of joy that today has! I can see the happiness written all over your faces! And Joyce, I’ve never seen you look so pretty and happy! Joyce as we all call or as I prefer to call her is the sister I never had. We met on our first day in grade one. Her kind nature was portrayed since day one. Having moved from a small State in the North, I was a bit shy but Joyce here made me feel welcomed from day one.

Joyce showed me all the cool places to hang out in the town which are not as cool as per now. Since then we have been the best test of friends. Don’t get us wrong but we have had our fair share of fights. As they say, it’s not real until there is a fight involved. When Joyce met Luke, she was not as excited as usual, and I knew from that moment she he was the one. Joyce has this weird belief that if she doesn’t like something at first she will keep it longer. As time passed, she became fond of Luke and see what it led to.

When she got engaged, I was over the moon you would think it was my wedding. Since she was marrying the love of her life, I even made a slogan for the wedding “our wedding their marriage” (Jeffrey, Madison p. 10-13). One thing I have come to know and love about this lovely couple is how they complement each other. They always want to see each other excelling in everything they do. They are patient with each other which is good for their marriage. As you embark in this lifetime journey, I pray that you will find joy in each other and keep the love you have for each other. Luke, I know Joyce will embrace her new role as your wife, in the same way, and infuse the marriage with respect, love and trust.

As said by Dale Carnegie “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get” (Mickle 57). By this definition, you both have achieved it already. I wish your happiness persists to grow with each passing day!Kindly, would you please be up on your feet, and raise your glass to toast the newest couple. To Luke and Joyce, One Love, One Lifetime!

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