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Statistical Application Research Paper. Balance and Fitness Rationale

Balance and Fitness Rationale for designing personalized fitness programs for different individuals has been the topic to a substantial amount of research in recent years when the issue of staying healthy came to an important place in modern society’s agenda. In order to verify the optimal level of physical load, it is worth first determining the degree of preparedness of a specific individual, his or her biological and social characteristics. For instance, there is a global practice that lower results in terms of physical endurance are expected from women than from men. This relates to, for instance, school physical education classes, and also to the Olympic Games’ global records. Having this in mind, in the process of shaping an individualized fitness program, a professional should keep in mind that for women the optimal level of physical load is less than for men, in general. As obvious as it may be for power exercises, implications for activities training flexibility and balance are not so apparent.

For this reason, in the small empirical study thereafter we are going to explore, whether results in a specific exercise aimed at developing the sense of balance appear to be gender-dependent, or are same for both men and women. The implication of the research outcomes will be a possibility to conclude on whether it is advisable to customize amount of balance-related exercise for people who will pursue some kind of a fitness plan, basing on their gender. With the above aim, information from random samples of 12 men and 8 women was collected. First, each of the interviewees was asked to perform a simple exercise: standing with hands kept at the sides, squat with an ankle resting on the opposite knee, and arms pressed together in a prayer-like gesture, and keep this position for as long as it was possible. Results express in seconds were recorded in each case. In addition, respondents told, how many days per week they managed to perform the exercise, and which particular kind of exercise was their favorite one. The full set of data collected can be found in the Appendix below.

Basing on the gathered information, we thereafter performed several forms of statistical analysis. First, means and standard deviations for the seconds every person managed to stay balanced were calculated for both groups, men and women. Results are presented in the Table below.

Mean Standard deviation:
-Men 36.0817.7
-Women 30.6318.

Later, we calculated the medians of the days per week exercised for both samples with the help of Microsoft Excel function MEDIAN. For women, this indicator was revealed to equal 24.5, for men – 39.

Concerning the trend for the favorite exercise, mode for the sample of men was “running”, and mode for the sample of women was “yoga”. Confidence interval of mean for women (90%), found with the help of CONFIDENCE.NORM Excel function is [20.2; 41.1]. For men this indicator is [27.7; 44.5].Constructing hypothesis test …

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