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According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion coronary heart disease kills more than 370,000 people every year (2016). It is one of the most common types of heart disease. In our research we will study the correlation between the coronary heart disease and alcohol consumption. In our work we will present the main instruments used for the study, the validity and reliability of the instruments, ethical issues of the research, ways of its funding, the last report preparations, and dissemination strategies.


In order to conduct a research study on coronary disease and alcoholism face-to face semi-organized and in-depth interviews will be organized in medical centers where coronary disease is treated. An interview means collection of the data from respondents through conversation (Kajornboon, 2005). With reference to Kvale (1996, p. 14), an interview is “an interchange of views between two or more people on a topic of mutual interest, sees the centrality of human interaction for knowledge production, and emphasizes the social situatedness of research data.” It will allow us to know respondents’ age, marital status, lifestyle, the period during which they suffer the coronary disease, their preferences in alcohol, the frequency of alcohol drinks use, the period during which they do not drink alcohol at all, if they have been cured for alcohol addiction and how long they have been treated. In both types of interviews individuals will answer a list of questions proposed by the interviewer and the answers will be written by the interviewer.

In a semi-organized interview a guide with questions and topics that should be covered will be developed (Harrell, Bradley 2009, p. 27). The questions should be asked in a definite order, but they should be standardized for all respondents. It will help us to “delve deeply” into a topic by discussing necessary information thoroughly and asking additional questions if an answer is not clear (Harrell, Bradley 2009, p. 27). In-depth interview will be applied for discovering underlying connection between alcohol consumption and coronary disease and respondents’ motifs while choosing a certain question. Sometimes the respondents try to hide their addiction to alcohol (Kothari, 2004, 110). They may not agree to disclose their confident information for an interviewer in direct semi-organized interview. What is more, they can predict how their answers will influence the results of the interview. In addition, the atmosphere of medical care service may affect interviewees’ negative attitude to the conversation. In- depth interview can be conducted in private places where respondents will feel more comfortable (Seymour, 2012). It can be a respondent’s home, a café, a park or a shopping center where an interviewee feels well and confident. It is more flexible than a semi-organized interview, so interviewers will be able to create a good rapport with an interviewee, in order to calm him or her down and create climate of confidence and trust (Kothari, 2004, 110).

Besides, it will help us dull interviewees’ vigilance as it will include indirect questions on …

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