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Survey on the Changes from Different Perspectives

From an organizational leadership perspective, change is:

From an organizational leadership perspective, change is the actions a leader should take regarding the structure of the organization to cope with problems with the business and assure satisfactory financial performance.

From a personal and professional (address both separately) development perspective change is:


In personal development perspective, change is the way one can improve himself by adjusting his way of thinking, goals, action plans, and other components of his personal life when he realizes its current condition does not meet his own set requirements.


In professional development perspective, change is a way a worker can satisfy the demand for the fulfillment of new professional tasks or more effective completion of his current duties. The demand may originate from the management of the worker’s company or his own desire.

From a personal and professional (address both separately) development perspective innovation is:


Innovation is a way of changing by applying thoroughly new ideas, methods or mechanisms in daily routines to improve life quality, simplify chores and tasks, and economically use time and financial assets.


Innovation is an organizational procedure, which is usually associated with the introduction of new technologies to achieve the desired results. Innovation requires people participating in its course to acquire the necessary professional knowledge so that it can be successfully conducted.

For me, the most difficult thing about change is:

The most difficult thing about change for me is the risk of failures after changing as a change can possibly lead to a negative outcome. Although I understand success seldom comes instantly after the first attempt and actually successful people learn a lot from their mistakes, to gain the courage to start again is a very hard challenge.

From this course, I am most interested in learning about:

From this course, I am most interested in learning about organizational culture as I found out it can perform as an effective tool to manage and lead. I am also interested in studying this humanistic aspect of an organization and its importance in the achievement of true job satisfaction.Identify at least 3 things you learned or became more aware of by viewing the PowerPoint (including the embedded short DVD's):

The first thing I have learned from the presentation is the Kaizen concept, which supports the idea of constant change and improvement and puts a stronger emphasis on the importance of continuous small but effective innovations. Secondly, I have become more aware of the influence of leaders’ personal traits on the performance of the team and came to understand that leader with big ego or special talents can bring instant impressive results but not always assure stable ones. Thirdly, the DVD entitled “The Power of Teamwork” reminded me of the necessity of effective communication in teamwork. Nowadays, communication does not only mean …

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