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System Analysis and Design

Development of a system that can provide quality service for educational facilities requires a number of questions and aspects to be considered. It has to possess with certain flexibility, thereby, being easy in servicing and updating.

Another quite recommended feature of designed system is existence of automatic updating that can enhance its value and effectiveness among other possible systems.

Size and number of people involved in this project is directly proportional to the size of specific educational facility and its resources. Thus, comparing school and university, the result may vary considerably. For example, difference in number of teachers, working schedules and number of subjects directly affects dimension and complexity of databases, methods of its processing and resources for its support. But, in average, design, development and implementation of such system in production requires thorough work of IT department, including testing procedures conducted by QA sub-department in finding errors and their appropriate solutions.

Cost & Duration

In order to determine price politics and all related expenditures it is necessary to evaluate main technical task and know all specific features that system should possess with. Thus, in a nutshell, it should be cross-platform application adapted for different devices, such as smartphones, PCs and tablets.

The overall cost may vary within aspects of development, but in generally, it will take approximately 3 months and up to 15,000$ - 60,000$ to finish everything at professional level. PurposeGenerally, main purpose of a project consists in development of specified system for improving inside corporation or educational facility operations. This implementation will boost performance and efficiency by eliminating routine work and making easier access to schedules. This system can help escape gaps in educational process by fast and effective substitution in case of necessity (for example: because of illness or in case of any emergency). System can be developed in a way to be able to classify skills that teacher should possess with to get certain substitution and then show all free classes this person can choose if available. System itself should identify in its database the best options and make proposals about possible substitutions.

Project SponsorSince this system design and its implementation is a local project among internal departments of certain Education Centre, consequently, its sponsorship can be performed from a local educational facility authority sources. Of course, some options are possible. For example, money can be accumulated from crowdfunding or invested by some sponsors who is interested in further development of this application to the scale that can benefit company. Another way to get money for launching project is to make request to corresponding government program with intentions to enhance education effectiveness and quality. Business ModelKey partnersDifferent educational facilities (schools, universities)

As a matter of fact, development of such system and appropriate application can be very lengthy, since it requires many steps to be done for several times for maximal optimization. Another factor, which can contribute to the additional time needed …

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