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System Analysis and Design homework

Milestone: System Proposal

Introduction to the problem domain

Chosen business process concerns the development of the specific system for enabling commercial company launching different types of satellites and providing other services in aerospace branch following up all international standards and regulations. Such concept should be developed in accordance with the idea of easing the process of launching commercial and state projects regarding aerospace industry. Successful accomplishing will grant access to the majority of small commercial companies and educational facilities to take benefits in running their own projects and developing innovative solution based on their own experience. In case of efficient business process launch, sustainability is guaranteed due to assigning contracts with potential clients around the globe. Perspectives consist in development of new solutions with implementation of 3D-printing technologies in diverse technical solutions. Thus, it requires involving of additional staff and implementation of updated requests in databases concerning materials, tests and other features. Project has great value and implies innovative approach in construction and systems development.

System Request

Project size implies rebuilding of all the levels of development and designing technical solutions at company. Thus, project’s scale depends directly on the company’s size. If the company is local, it implies implementation of solutions at the same level. If talking about international scale company which means collaboration among other facilities it entails solutions at international level, so that applying appropriate approaches. Sponsoring is provided by the company itself, since the fact that renovation and manufacturing process improvements will affect products cost and efficiency considerably. Since the renovation process may lead to the total facility rebuilding it may cause great expenditures. It depends straight from the prices on different components for installation, hiring new employees and so on. In average, it takes about 25%-50% of total budget to fulfill organization requirements.

Purpose of the project is to improve technical infrastructure, demonstrate application of new innovations and to lower price for details and manufactured components. Regarding time of implementation solution into reality it should be taken into account that it may lead up to 1 year to transfer from old to new approaches because of gradual transition. Absence of abrupt transition is explained by the fact that company should avoid standstill and unproductive time in order to reduce maximally loss of money. In case of effectively and reliably proven concepts and approaches, timely updated databases and IT support, 3D-printing technologies may lead to the compensation of expenditures already after implementation into process. Such investments imply return of doubled sum for every dollar spent. Risk assessment can be performed with involving of SWAT analysis results. This enables to perform qualitative analysis. Such solution may lead to the better understanding of the problem and application of the most appropriate option as a key answer to the question. To reduce risks possibility it may be recommended to avoid solution globalization. It means application of parallel development, which includes testing parts of implemented system at separated parts of the whole process, thus allowing make solution …

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