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System Analysis Discussion Posts

Discussion post 1

I agree that a system analyst career is a job with high demand, and companies are keen to pay top dollar for quality candidate. Before deciding to be a system analyst, one has to familiarize themselves with the often tasks that bona fida systems analysts carry out day in and day out. (Black, 2014) Every company needs a system analyst especially ones dealing with IT. A good analyst person must have an analytical skill which is excellent. This implies that they must possess the ability to envision, conceptualize, and formulate a solution to solve both complex and uncomplicated issues by making choices that are sensible. I agree that this skill requires a person to be very thought proving and to understand the requirements of a client. Another skill is the technical one which helps the technical team design a product which is to suit the customer’s needs, this skill also helps in coding and debugging of a customized product (Black, 2014).


Black, L.B. (2014, August 18). What do computer systems analysts do? Retrieved April 6,2016.

Discussion post 2

I agree that a system analysis is a person that uses analysis and designing and implementing information techniques to solve problems. They collaborate with IT professionals all throughout the SDLC, document systems like user scenarios. They gather and analyze requirements, choose, upgrade and configure software and many others. There are four major skills necessary that a system analysis must do be successful, they include: analytical. This means that he or she must be in a position to understand the requirements of the client and study how they should be met, efficient planning and execution. Additionally, the analyst is expected to have a keen eye for detail and has to plan the various ways a project has to be executed technical knowledge. These skills aid the technical team to design a product which is to suit the customer’s need. Lastly, an analyst must be an excellent manager. This means that he or she must have great interpersonal skills and the ability to manage people (Jobs, 2014).


Jobs, I.R. (2013, September 29). Top four skills required in a system Analyst, Retrieved April06, 2016, from Download Full Essay Show full preview


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