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Systems approaches are the collection of parts acting together and interrelated to accomplish a particular goal within a given environment. A system is a set of objects working together with relationships between them and their attributes related to each other and the environment.

Strategic management is the collection of activities that are ongoing and processes by which the organizations apply to facilitate the resource alignments guided by the mission, systematic vision, and the organization's strategy. The activities bring a great transformation to the static plan within a system leading to significant performance. This type of feedback on the decision-making enhances the evolution and growth of the system (Hill, & Jones, 2004).

This paper seeks to describe systems approach and how it is helpful to strategic managers. The paper is also going to discuss the use of system approach by strategic managers.In-depth analysis and discussion of the importance of systems approach to strategic managers reveal its key roles. A System Approach is a line of thought in management that stresses an interactive interdependence of both external and internal factors within an organization. The approach is helpful in evaluating the elements of the market and their effects on the business profitability (Hill, & Jones, 2004). In the systems approach, much attention is given to the systems’ effectiveness and limits rather than that of the sub-systems. The systems' idea is applicable at an organizational level. The systems approach is both general and specialized. The general approach to management is majorly involved with organizations that are formal. The concepts also relate to the technique of sociology, psychology, and philosophy. The specialized management involves the study planning, job design and mechanisms of control (Hill, & Jones, 2004). It is, therefore, clear that system approach is also helpful since it has great possibilities. It provides the impetus to unify the strategic management system.

This way, the systems approach can succeed where the process approach has in many times failed. (Hill, & Jones, 2004). In conclusion, a systems approach is mainly helpful to strategic management because it aims at achieving the objectives and aiding the organization’s open system. Strategic managers in organizations such as the Healthcare should, therefore, adopt the approach for the efficient management of their organizations (Hill, & Jones, 2004).


Hill, C. W., & Jones, G. R. (2004). Strategic management: An integrated approach. Boston: Houghton …

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