Targets of Interventions, Goals and Objectives, Measurement Basics essay sample

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Targets of Interventions, Goals and Objectives, Measurement Basics


Client system In the first meeting, the client is made to understand the purpose of the assessment and the confidentiality limits. He/she is also informed that the report on psychological assessment will encompass the clinical impressions made by the examiner, personal information and recommendations for treatment.

Client system information includes information such as occupation, marital status, age, children and so forth. It also includes medical history, both personal and family with information like significant illnesses, hospitalization, injuries, and dates. Personal history features to in the client system description.

It includes childhood description, adolescence, and early adulthood. It also features legal and military history, not forgetting lifetime history of stressful happenings.

Client system description

Assignment 1

Anna is a black 27 years old divorced, mother of one who divorced her husband Nicky two years ago. She has been subjected to physical abuse and domestic violence before divorcing him. Anna was raised in the Illinois suburbs by staunch Christian parents. She was a choir member until recently when she felt that needed time to reflect on her lives and aspirations. At a tender age of 13, she has experienced trauma she experienced when she was impelled to watch helplessly her favorite cousin been electrocuted to death. Her Intelligence Quotient is satisfactory. She has two diplomas in IT and Business. She also has a Degree in Business Management too. She has never faced financial constraints, and even after divorcing Nick, she still enjoys the good salary she earns from her current job. Before divorcing Nick, they all attended separate marriage counselors in an attempt to salvage their marriage. However, things never worked that and divorced appeared to be the remedy. She has not been seeking any help from another psychologist or a counselor (Thompson, Howick, & Belton, 2015).List of indicators of the clients' system problems. At some point, Anna cried and I had to calm her. She appeared guilty that her marriage failed because of her impatient nature. She felt like a failure. She at one time says that divorce is for failures.She appeared restless She appeared feeble, and emaciated. She also appeared exhausted, perchance she had not been getting enough hours of sleep. She kept on yawning and get irritated easily. She also appeared sleepy. She was indecisive on significant issues that revolved around and touched her in some ways.

From her comments, she appeared concerned about the future, albeit hopeless.Her concentration was wanting Her eating habits were apparently poor. I supposed she did with a lot of junk.The above list of indicators is the best group when we consider the relationship between them. Some of them cannot be categorized in the same group and have to be classified differently. For example, her poor concentration can be linked to her lack of enough hours of sleep. When someone is deprived of enough hours of sleep, their brains cannot function properly. Lack of …

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