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Team Size

According to William G. Dyer, W. Gibb Dyer Jr. and Jeffrey H. Dyer (2013) performance of every team consists of four crucial components, which include context, change, competencies, and composition. The last component refers to the structure of the team, as it contributes to the skills of team members, their motivation and the actual size of the team.

Eventually, while every constituent of composition has a distinct character, team size cannot be measured directly and is rather relative. The top managers who build the teams and assign people to them have to find the golden mean in order for the team to function efficiently. For instance, if the team size is too big, the leader may face difficulties in managing it. It becomes more difficult for them to achieve the common understanding of the events inside the team. Moreover, team members may lose interest due to lack of personal commitment. Contrary to that, if the team size is lower than required, its members may become over exhausted because of the increased amount of work or even lack the required resources to fulfill the task. Presently, the optimal team size depends on the scale and complexity of the tasks.

The large-scale project, which requires collective thinking, segmentation and global approach require big amount of team members, while smaller projects, do not require that. However, there is a common rule that if the team is created for a long-run period and for unsuited projects, the number of its members should be between four to twelve individuals. It is applicable to the Amazon’s “two pizzas” teams, the size of which can be adequately fed by two pizzas.


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