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Case Analysis

After the team agreed on the new way the team will work without Harry’s presence, they decided to let him know about this new plan the next day. Harry accepted the offer that the team will not spend time explaining him all the details but only give him lecture notes and spreadsheets for his individual studying after team discussions. However, he was upset by the team’s decision made without his participation and especially by the way other members reacted. He admitted that it is him who slows down the team’s progress but he did not receive sympathy even from Mark, who should support him in this case.

The Plan in Action

As a result of the decision to start the new plan, Harry became gradually quieter and seldom raised his voice in discussions thinking that this can again hold the team back and disappoint other members. Because Harry chose to keep silent, the plan seemed to work well for the team but actually it did not help Harry and only made the situation worse for him. He had to spend more time studying on his own, which was not very effective because he could not get the materials the team gave him anyway. This even negatively affected his studying other subjects. Harry became exhausted and found it hard to be concentrated during classes.

A New Precedent is Set

Dick and Jane kept thinking that the team was making progress and the couple themselves had large contribution into this. On the other hand, Svetlana and Rajesh shared the same opinion that the teamwork was not really that effective and more conversations by all members could improve it, but they were afraid of challenging Dick and Jane and did not have a word about this with the team. Harry continued to feel that his ideas were unimportant and still struggled with finance although the exam was already approaching. Mark started to be worried that Harry could not pass the exam and also thought the teamwork was not effective. He came up with the idea of changing the plan for the learning team again to help the team and especially Harry out of potential …

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