Technological, Political, and Natural Factors of A Service essay sample

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Technological, Political, and Natural Factors of A Service

The proposed service is for pregnant women towards the goal of promoting healthy habits for mothers and their infants. In this discussion, three factors – technological, political, and natural factors – will be discussed to determine their impact on the proposed service.

Technological. The proposed service offers pregnant women consultation so they would know more about motherhood and caring for their newborn babies. The main objective of this service is to educate women about healthy options and practices as well as address their concerns about parenting as well as their personal and professional lives once they become parents. The problem is that technology already offers this service for free in the form of search engines and websites that give women different types of information about pregnancy and motherhood. The abundance of resources online could render the proposed service unnecessary (Bughin et al., 22). Pregnant women may choose to conduct research online instead of consulting with the company to look for any information they may need. The overabundance of information online, however, could influence pregnant women to seek personal services. For this reason, technology could be advantageous to the proposed service. Information online are conflicting and may confuse women. For this reason, it would be better for them to consult with professionals so they can interact one-on-one and ask questions if they feel confused or uncertain about issues.

Political. In Canada, various laws uphold the rights of pregnant women, particularly in relation to employment. The rights of pregnant women are included in the Canadian Human Rights Act. Under the Act, organisations are prohibited from discriminating against pregnant women because of their conditions. Workplaces are mandated to accommodate pregnancy women when they are capable of doing work but also create a safe environment for them. Pregnant women are also entitled to benefits such as maternal leave with pay (Canadian Human Rights Commission, 2). Considering this policy that extends rights to pregnant women, this political factor may contribute to the proposed service by increasing the need for women to consult with the company so they would be educated about their rights and ask advice about balancing their personal and professional lives.

Natural. Natural factors that would render the proposed service unnecessary include the decreasing number of women who get pregnant. Based on statistics gleaned for this project, the number of women in their teens and their twenties who decide to get pregnant are decreasing. More women nowadays choose to focus on their careers or to be in relationships or get married without having children (Benzies et al, 625). With many women prioritizing their careers over motherhood, the potential number of clients for the proposed service would be limited since women would have no need to consult with the firm about pregnancy and motherhood or parenting.

Another factor, however, that would make the proposed service important is Canadian women’s lack of knowledge about pregnancy and motherhood. Bretherick et al. (2162) conducted research …

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