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Technology and Business in Health Care Industry

Executive summary

There is a lot of evolution in the health sector; the use of technology is the new theme. This paper discusses various technologies and their impact on the industry. Business processes re-engineering is the thorough rethinking and redesigning of various processes in the company to achieve remarkable improvement, measures of performance. It enhances the confirmation processes, makes the exchange of information efficient and faster and program enhances information sharing. Hybrid change strategy improves patient care in the outpatient facilities; helps maintain patient-doctor interaction and reduce wastes.

Health Information Exchanges is a sure way of sharing information medical; Patient Access Code enables interconnectivity of the HIEs, this helps treatment of patients in any hospital around the world. Electronic health records (EHRs) produce large amounts of data; researchers use this information to create study groups but retrieving this information is difficult. Landmark Times makes document access and retrieval very fast and easy. A dashboard is a tool that visualizes data with the capabilities to drill-down complex information for the decision makers. It can illustrate the key performance indicators in an easy way with the use of graphs that enables decision-making. An electronic health record (EHR) is a comprehensive record of information on a patient. It collects patient’s information to share with providers.EHR can provide transparency, clarity, transferability, and interoperability in the health sector.

Digital transformation reduces and increases efficiency. Clinic Management system of Smart Solution and Services is a system that operates in the cloud working on a visual machine. It serves both service providers and the patients; this increases the client base hence high income. Data analytics brings a lot of changes in the health sector. It helps the health providers to have the right data to help save lives and gain more insight. Sanitary facilities should adopt these technologies in their daily activities.Implementation of Business process in re-engineering in the sector service To meet their set objectives and aims most organizations are implementing the most recent technology. Business processes re-engineering is the thorough rethinking and redesigning of various processes in the company to achieve remarkable improvement, measures of performance like quality .It enables re-examining or re-organizing of procedures in the business; each organization should come up with its approach. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) allows backing of documents in an organization. The main purpose of this research is to investigate the reasons behind long waiting hours in the hospitals and how the use of a Business processes re-engineering can improve the situation.

Patient satisfaction in hospitals relates closely to amount of time they spend in hospitals and the care they receive (Aldakhil 313).The research is done twice on the workers and the patients in the hospital; before and after the use of the ERP .Before the implementation of the ERP the holding up frameworks, arrangement structures and the workers of the hospital do not fully satisfy the patients. Patients have to wait for long periods to get treatments. Most patients are fully satisfied and …

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