Texas Government and Promoting the Well Being of Citizens of The State of Texas essay sample

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Texas Government and Promoting the Well Being of Citizens

Texas is very different from its neighbors. First of all, it is the basic donor -state having a healthy economy in which the source of income is not the machinations of the stock markets, but the oil and gas industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, the development of space industry, agriculture. There is one of the lowest subsidies and social benefits level in Texas.Texas is a unique place, very independent by its spirit. Incidentally, the unique nature of the state is that it has all the possibilities for successful living in a "free floating". The state has significant reserves of energy. Thus, Texas energy industry continues to supply the country, providing it with 20% of oil, 25% gas (the rest comes mainly from abroad), 25% of refining capacity and approximately 60% of chemical production.

Almost the entire US oil has a Texas origin. In addition, Texas has a large and diverse economy: the share of oil and gas extraction is about 2 percent of state employment, much less than in other energy producing states (Danièle, 6). The state has also a large agricultural base. Though we can’t but mention, that “Government policy, notoriously biased against small producers and minority farmers, exacerbated the problem. Studies point to the inadequate services provided to African American farmers by the U.S. Department of Agriculture” (Reid, 261). Furthermore, the economy here on the upper level, connecting to general economic downturn in the country. Last year in May of more than 75 thousand people were hired in Texas, more than in any other state. Almost all industries have increased the number of employees. North Texas created 13 thousand new jobs. This means that four consecutive months the job market had a positive growth. Unemployment in Texas in May 2010 was 8.1% - the smallest index in the US. In a survey of thousands of respondents, the number of people willing to move to Texas has increased by 50%. The state came in first place in the "desire to move," beating California.

Amid the last 30 years, Texas has ordered laws and strategies intended to improve open security, resulting in swarmed detainment facilities and prisons, and a corrections spending plan that embodies an enormous cut of the state spending plan. Laws that core interest on incarcerating men and ladies have been established in bona fide concern. Be that as it may, an impressive rate of the individuals captured, charged, and imprisoned have been low-level medication users.1 Since 1999, captures for medication ownership in Texas have soar. Actually, all medication captures in Texas are not for conveyance or distribution, be that as it may, for ownership of a controlled substance. These numbers incorporate individuals captured for ownership of illegal medications, and also the expanding number of Texans who have gotten to be dependent on prescription on drugs. Both of these gatherings share an ongoing idea: their substance misuse issues are the established addiction. A fitting reaction to this …

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