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The American Dream

Everyone has a dream, and many people are striving for better living conditions and appreciation of their personal traits and achievements. Going to America is a chance for millions risky, ready for all emergencies, flexible people to have a life of their dreams. Being the richest country in the world, The United States of America offers a wide range of opportunities to turn the innermost hopes for future into reality, and that is why so great number of people is obsessed with American dream – the strong wish to go and stay in the country, which has endless possibilities for self-realization.

Although the term American dream was created by James Truslow Adams in far 1931 in the early years of the Great Depression, it is still alive as its actuality is not lost within the centuries. James Truslow Adams introduced the new term, when in the U.S. unemployment exceeded 16 percent and eight million people were without work. The author of the concept made people dream not only about well-being, but also about recognition by others regardless of their social background and financial backing (Jischke, 74-76). Time passes, but millions of people still experience some difficulties with realization of personal potential in their native countries and dream of America as of the way to success.The United States of America is the country with high level of economy and big opportunities for those, who are ready to work hard to afford a lifestyle reach in material goods. America does not provide people with equal level of earnings, but gives a chance for self-realization. The system, which gives opportunity but not equality of income, is what makes American economy grow and prosper and brings the United States to the top of the richest countries in the world (Cox, 79-81).

In America, there is the biggest gap in amount of earnings of rich and poor people, but it does not mean that wellbeing is unachievable for those who dream of better life and are ready to implement their dreams into reality. In spite of the fact that the recent poll conducted by National Journal demonstrates that 20 per cent of Americans do not believe their country to have the strongest economy anymore. Instead, nearly half of the respondents chose China to be the most successful and economically prosperous country. However, there are at least five reasons why neither China, nor India will knock America off its economic perch in the nearest future. America offers the best life to the most people as it appreciates talents, provides its citizens with proper living conditions, fights poverty, gives generally accessible education of high quality and gives people opportunities of free choice and non-reliance (Dalmia, 83-86). These very factors are the biggest reason for American dream to stay alive in America.

Generally speaking, American dream is much more than a profitable business or good working place, a car and a country mansion. American dream is even more than a dream of an individual – it is …

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