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The Birth of a Nation is a pretty accurate historical film that shows us the background of the slave rebellion in Virginia in 1831. This historical accuracy is quite unusual for Hollywood films, which almost always provides us a perfect reality and damaging the historical facts and the accuracy of their representation. Unfortunately, modern producers and filmmakers are running for the money and often replace historical facts with bright and action fiction. This little lies often distorts the historical background and value of the film. The slavery theme is still relevant in the United States of America because Afro-Americans in this country had a difficult life with numerous racial and other discrimination, they also come a long way from slaves imported from Africa to the key persons in modern day American culture, science and politics.

“Birth of a Nation” was produced in the United States, filmed in 2016 by Nate Parker, starring Armie Hammer, Nate Parker, and Michael Mark Boone Junior. The film was presented during recent Sundance Film Festival in 2016. This film tells the story of the real person, named Nat Turner, who was an enslaved African-American who led a big rebellion of slaves Virginia in 1831. This rebellion was quite rapid and lasted only for two days, from August 21st until August 23rd in 1831; as a result of this rebellion moreover 200 black slaves were killed by local militias that also lost near 60 persons. Nowadays it is a well-known fact that similar slave rebellions were regular in the Southern States and brought serious damages for planters and slave owners of the south.

The film was based on a story by Jean McGianni Celestin who shows the readers the details, background and effects of this slave’s rebellion. It is interesting to notice that his story was adapted for modern American cinematography by Nate Parker and as a result of this cooperation we have another great movie about racial discrimination and slavery that is quite interesting and specific for any public and especially for modern Afro-Americans, due to the fact that a lot of their relatives was a part of this epoch. Such movies are always actual and interesting for the overall public.According to Chang, to make this film maximally accurate Nate Parker made a huge historical research to maximize the viewer’s impression of the film. As a result, this film is very accurate with only some minor mistakes. The critics defined this film as a biopic, so the accuracy of the facts really matters.

Filmmakers made a great job because casting department made a good selection of actors for main characters who looked like their real-life prototypes. Set decorations, makeup department, and costume designers are also worth mentioned because this film looks really realistic and relocates viewers to that historical epoch.

Finally, Nate Parker made a very good …

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