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The Captivating essence of Love

Human rights are clearly defined by the United Nations and the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Office of the High Commissioner in the United Nations defines human rights as the freedoms and fundamental rights that all individuals are entitled to in spite of their gender, race, religion, language, nationality or any other status of the person.

Therefore, this definition gives out the notion that each human being is entitled to rights and freedoms, that every person is equal. Individuals are required to cooperate with each other to secure themselves, enforce and ensure that their rights are vindicated (Moriarty & Massa 1-2). Formed in 2001, Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial was set up in Idaho as a sign of standing up for the women human rights and symbolizes the strength of women in the society (Stanley 22). The memorial centre is filled with quotes that advocate for human rights and dignity in the society. Coretta Scott King, a human rights activist, advocated for equality in the society when gender and racial discrimination was dominant in America.

The most effective quote that Coretta Scott King used and can be engraved in Anne Frank’s Human Rights Memorial Centre is I believe all Americans who believe in freedom, tolerance and human rights have a responsibility to oppose bigotry and prejudice based on sexual orientation (Parvis 52). Therefore, this essay will focus on Coretta Scott king’s remarks concerning embracing human rights and not discriminating people based on who they are. Coretta Scott King’s remarks on sexual orientation were and are still of significance not only to the American society but also to the entire world.

Coretta Scott King fought for gay rights for twenty years before she died in 2006, and together with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and transgender movement (LGBT) she made an impact enforcing the rights for people who belong to the LGBT group. She believed she was portraying and upholding her husband cause in advocating for peace and love through fighting against discrimination. The impact of Coretta Scott King’s agenda in advocating for people embracing each other despite their differences in sexual orientation has had a significant in the society. In 1963, Coretta Scott King made a big move where she committed herself to the protection of Gay and Civil rights to the Congress, and contributed to the forwarding of a bill that sought to outlaw discrimination of gays and lesbians in any employment sector. She even held a press conference in 1993 in order to urge President Clinton to amend the law that prohibited the gays and lesbians from joining the army (Long, para. 8). Coretta Scott King’s acts made the society know that people who were of different sexual orientation are not supposed to be discriminated or prejudicially treated.

The acts of kindness and love that she portrayed were eye-opening to the society because what she advocated for more than twenty years was finally legalized in America. …

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