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Performance improvement strategy

Strategic goals

Create a motivated staff team and effective organizational culture;

Diverse range of toys;

Improve the production quality;

Build strong relationship with customers;

Description of proposed process

The company is lack of an effective team and a strong organizational culture. It will allow uniting all employees under one the mission, vision and strict corporate ethics. What is more, it is vital to work out the system of rewards and penalties for motivation employees and focus on the staff development. Secondly, it would be important to make investigation the needs of the customers with high and medium income. It would be useful to conduct online surveys and surveys in big shop centers by applying questionnaire and interview instruments for understanding what young adults and their parents would like to see in the market. After the investigation, it is necessary to revise the range of the products, innovate the traditional Erector sets, by adding more colors and models to them, and combine the elements of traditional toys and games with modern one in new products. It is vital to provide the toys and sets of high quality by using only reliable and safely materials. Besides, the company should build the relationship with customers through social media groups by organizing special events for children, making surveys, and providing discounts.

Brief explanation how proposal will improve performance and competitiveness

The system of rewards and penalties and the strong organizational culture will increase employees’ motivation and professionalism. The strong relationship with customers will allow gaining customers’ loyalty and meeting customers’ needs. High quality and combination of Gilbert toy traditions with innovations will allow rebuild customers’ trust and interest in its production. As a result, the company will be able to compete effectively in the market.

KRAs, KPIs, targets KRAs:

Customer satisfaction

Sales Quality check

Human Resource Management


Employees’ turnover

Employees’ performance

Company’s profit

Storage turnover

Increase of sales

Customers’ reviews


Increase sales

Strengthen positions in the market.

The revised performance improvement strategy

Pros and cons of the strategy

The performance improvement strategy will allow the company to create motivated skillful professional team which members will be dedicated to the company and interested in its development as they will have an opportunity to develop together with the company. Besides, the strategy will give an opportunity for the company to rebuild strong relationship based on the loyalty and trust. Finally, high quality and safety of the toys and new combinations of traditional toy with modern trends in toy industry will help attract new customers and overcome rivals. However, the main cons of the strategy are high cost for strategy implementation and focus on the one market. In case of economic crisis in the country, the company will be not able to sell the production and will take losses.

Changes and improvements to strategy

During the session the team members propose to focus not only on the domestic market, but on the Europe, Canada, and Australia markets. The average income of the people in these countries allows them to buy toys of high quality for high and medium prices. Besides, the cultural differences of these …

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