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The Charm of Balances


The purpose of this paper is to present my application for the Masters of Accounting program, at the University of Oregon. I am much interested to further my education in the field of accounting and believe that University of Oregon has what it takes to help me achieve my academics aspirations. The course is quite significant to my academics as well as the achievement of my career goals. Additionally, I during the learning program, I will also contribute significantly to the course, as illustrated below.

Importance of the course

Taking the MAcc program will significantly build on your experiences to date in various ways. First, the program will enhance my experiences on the international accounting. International accounting, as illustrates by Beke, focuses on the international aspects of accounting (73). The knowledge will be quite significant to be, with the consideration that my company is planning to expand its business internationally. Therefore, I will know how to make decisions of foreign financial statements.

With the rapid change in the level of technology, the use of business database management systems has become important in accounting (Beke 36). The program will enhance my knowledge on aspects such as structuring and storage of the business financial information with the help of the information systems. The program will also equip me with the aspects of global business management. As my company is expanding globally, I will be in a position to work effectively, with other companies as well as people from divergent cultural backgrounds. Further, I will acquire the knowledge of how to position the company, in the competitive international environment. The program will, therefore, contribute significantly to the achievement of my career goals.

My goal is working as an international accountant. Through the program, I will acquire knowledge such as international accounting, international financial management, and investment, as well as the managing global business. By taking these units, I will be able to work for my company, as an international accountant in the future.

Contribution to MAcc

In addition to acquiring the above knowledge and experiences from undertaking the Masters program, I believe I will also be resourceful to bring some knowledge to the program and the learning community. Firstly, I have an extensive knowledge of auditing and assurance services. As an accountant in my company, I have taken several auditing and assurance programs.

These programs, which are funded by my employer, include various auditing approaches, changing trends in the assurance services, risk management within enterprise accountability, public governance among other courses. I will share my knowledge in these auditing services, which I believe will be quite helpful to other students, which have shallow knowledge in this field. I also have materials, which I will share, with other students, and the overall program community. Further, having served in the taxation department for a while, I have gained exposure and knowledge of taxation matters. I will, therefore, contribute to the learning community by sharing my taxation knowledge.


I, therefore, believe that the MAcc program in the Oregon University …

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