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The Civil War

The Civil War with its tremendous losses is often enough analyzed in terms of whether it could have been prevented. It is important to understand in this context that it was the ultimate confrontation of the North and South after a series of compromises, which, even when achieved, were making the fragile relationship ever less reliable. In these conditions, the key approach was of preserving the Union versus the compromise of its splitting and avoiding the war at any cost.

Alexander Hamilton’s concept of the new nation as a great industrial power with a strong federal government made the confrontation of the South and North in the Civil War inevitable, with the cause of the Confederacy doomed. Considering the historical setting, which represented an important stage in the course of history, Hamilton’s approach should be seen as responsible and insightful policies of building the country and government, rather than the tyranny of the majority over minority.

US history testifies to the soundness of Hamilton’s policies and concepts by events that occurred in the 19th and 20th centuries. Hamilton was one of the framers of the US Constitution, which gave rights to minorities and protected them in different ways. However, the majority rule in the Congress was seen as a prerequisite of the national stability and progress. If there were the antagonisms or controversies that could not be resolved, the minority had to conform to the views of the majority.

The principles of Universal Emancipation had to start with abolishing slavery in the country (Garrison 556). It was the key concept and practice of the non-slave North while the South was stubbornly sticking to the racist views of the black race’s inferiority. Surrendering to the requests of the Southern states would have meant the tyranny of the minority, with its outdated concepts being contrary to the human rights provided by the US Constitution.

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