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The Crucible” by Arthur Miller

The play “The Crucible” was written by Arthur Miller, an American playwright who was born “in New York City to Isidore and Augusta Miller in 1915” (Bigsby xi). The play tells about the famous witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, which took place in the second half of the 17th century. Thus, the story is based on the real events; even the names are not changed, but some of the details are omitted. For instance, Abigail was eleven, and Proctor was over sixty when the incident happened in real life (Sarangi 4). The setting is the small town Salem inhabited by Puritans, who wished to purify the church and the town from evil. There are many characters in the play, but the most important of them are Abigail, John and Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail was Proctor’s maiden who had sexual intercourse with John, and then she was fired. She wanted to get John, so she organized dances in the forest, and other girls, such as Tituba, Mary, Betty, etc., joined her.

However, when Betty’s father and Abigail’s uncle saw these witchcraft dances, everything changed in the town. In order to defend themselves, the girls began to accuse other people of being witches. Many innocent persons, including John Proctor, were hanged for a mendacious accusation. Although all those people were not guilty, mass hysteria, caused by a single witch Abigail, took their lives for nothing.One of the major themes of the play is hysteria, which spread the whole Salem town and resulted in witch trials. The instigators of hysteria were Abigail, Tituba, and Mary Warren. First, Abigail wanted Tituba to cast a spell on John’s wife, Elizabeth. However, the dances ended with negative consequences, and Parris’ daughter fell ill. The reason for this illness was something unnatural, and everyone began to suspect that there were witches in the town. People looked at Abigail and other girls as though they saw witches in them. As a result, Abigail accused Tituba in witchcraft and incited other girls to confirm it, but that black woman did not want to be hanged and told Parris and Hale that she saw Devil. Moreover, she told that Devil asked her to kill Parris: “He say Mr. Parris must be kill! Mr. Parris no goodly man, Mr. Parris mean man and no gentle man” (Miller 47). One can understand Tituba - she did it because she was afraid to die. Nevertheless, her lie provoked many other lies and deaths in Salem. All the girls got stuck in a lie, and mass hysteria spread the town.The girls accused everyone they did not like of being witches. First, they did it in fear to be hanged, and later, their privilege gave them pleasure. When one girl began to tell something or make something strange, the others did the same. Hysteria attacked all of them. When Tituba told that she saw Sarah Good and Goody Osborn with Devil, Abigail was the …

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