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The Dark Side of Social Media

In the last two decades, the internet communication has grown as big as anyone hardly would imagine being possible. The coverage is unbelievably vast and the accessibility cost is lowering every day so more and more people join the world web. People love internet because there is such a great variety of things they can do online: jobs, education, research, entertainment, search for the information of almost any kind and, of course, communication. The social networking is the most common reason for people of different age and occupation to use internet. (Simsim, 2011) There are two different opinions exist on that topic.

First is that people in developed countries are spending way too much time using their gadgets and computers, living as their electronic alter-ego while losing time and opportunities in real life. People today have become ultra-social and sensation-seeking while being afraid of intimacy at the same time. (Duivestein, Bloem 2015) People have never been more interested in everyday life and especially the life of other people. The last has always been around but with the advent of such a simple way of tracking the new information this phenomenon has grown into something called “Facebook stalking”.

When asked, people tend to answer that they use social networks for about an hour per day. But it was unconsciously omitted that the said people spend hours and hours every day casually scrolling for the news in social media with their tablets and smartphones. It does not mean those people are liars. They just don not recognize the couple of minutes here and there spent on browsing what is new on the web. But if we combine all these little visits, the sum turns out to be something to be considered.There are other kinds of consequences of the social media takeover. All the social media and networks are available from almost any device capable of connecting to the internet unless restricted by special measures. The constant urge to check for the updates on your favorite sites mentioned above creates the information overload at working places. Employees spend time in social networks even during their working day. At the same time they are obligated to perform their duties at full scale but the constant leeching of attention by internet makes this task fairly complicated. Multitasking is a challenging thing for a human mind and requires some training and skills that the vast majority of employees do not possess.

The studies (Duivestein, Bloem 2015) show that multitasking decreases the creativity and overall productivity. The quality of decision made while being multitasked also suffers. The accessibility of social networks on work places means that employees share their time on them at the cost of quality of their work performance.The other negative aspect of the impact social media deals on our life is security risks. The statistics (Wang, 2014) show that during 2014 six millions Facebook pages, 250 000 of Twitter accounts and eight million of LinkedIn, eHarmony and users were …

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