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The Effect of the Internet on Our Lives

The Internet has literary become the global web net connecting people of all nations and backgrounds and transmitting an impressive range of sources and services worldwide. Though the Internet is not a new phenomenon, the influence of this global system on our lives seems only to extend. It has not only profoundly transformed the means of communication, but also introduced new notions and practices like digital economy, e-marketing and e-learning. Internet gives new fascinating possibilities of quick search and multitasking changing not only the way we work, but also the way we think. Social media has a tremendous influence on our social lives. Although the fact that Internet affects humans is obvious, such influence calls for both: enthusiasm and concern.

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the internet in view of its effects on our lives. Internet is a universal medium, which suggests an immediate access to an unbelievably rich store of information. A research that previously took days takes minutes with the use of the Internet. However, it also provides possibility of violation of author’s rights. Credibility of many sources is doubtful and researchers must, therefore, develop new skills like verifying information and detecting plagiarism. Internet has made distance learning, work, and marketing possible. E-learning gives the opportunity to get extra education while working or assign to the programs, which are not available in the student’s living area. It is also less expensive. Working online allows for more flexible working schedule and participation in wider networks. Distance work and learning economizes time for traveling to and from the working or learning sites. Internet marketing allows not to care for store opening hours and location, as products can be sold online throughout the day and night and sent to any location. Therefore, targeting market of the products is widened.

The prices of the products on the net are also lower as there is no rental and maintenance cost in it. Internet provides personalization opportunities, offering the client relevant suggestions, which can be of interest to him. Communication as a crucial element of any social interaction has also been transformed. The access to the wireless Internet through new gadgets, including cell phones and tablet PCs, made global communication cheap and possible from anywhere. The introduction of blogging, tag boards, whiteboards, and sophisticated FAQ options, and other forms of web communication never stop developing. The Internet has made it possible not only to communicate, but also to share our lives through social media. While the invention of the Internet has changed the way people work and live, social media has transformed the way people make and maintain friendship. For some people it is a cause for concern, as technological changes make us withdraw from the physical world and undermine our true real life relationships. However, according to current researches, the Internet has increased the overall frequency of communication and has add up to, and not substituted, traditional …

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