The effects of spirituality on an individual’s psychological well being essay sample

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The effects of spirituality on an individual’s psychological well being

The seven dwarfs on the postcard can be assumed to symbolically represent the seven chakras which happen to be the seven energies of life; which have specific qualities that are linked to the spirituality of a human being. Therefore, this essay will look at the analysis of scholars on spirituality and how it affects the overall behavior of a human being.

Adams, N. (1995), Spirituality, Science and Therapy. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 16: 201–208. doi: 10.1002/j.1467-8438.1995.tb01060.x

Adams writes on the aspect of spirituality following a traumatic event. This traumatic event triggers the world of spirituality for affected individuals. Spirituality in turn paves way for a chance to foster healthier interconnection by the promotion of acceptance as well as self-determination in the process of belonging. The author claims that religious orientation is vital in clinical work; as the process of healing from trauma is spiritual irrespective of a religious or conscious process. The book also analyzes how individuals are increasingly interacting with mental health and spirituality and embracing it. The author further indicates that science and spirituality are not influenced by another event. This publication is meant for individuals who are deeply connected with the fondness and belief of a spiritual being where the seven chakras or spiritual centers are affected due to higher consciousness. This publication proved to be useful starting point for writing this study because of the examination of spirituality as per the facet of diversity in relation to the postcard. This formed the first source for my research.

McGrath, Joanna Collicutt. Posttraumatic growth and spirituality after brain injury. Brain Impairment 12.02 (2011): 82-92.

McGrath gives an account the events that take place after Trauma. The author first introduces aspects of posttraumatic growth, and studies of what survivors of brain injury go through during posttraumatic growth. The understanding of psychological aspects that reflect on human spirituality and how they relate with posttraumatic growth is reviewed. McGrath argues that posttraumatic growth is a form of spirituality that happens to be an area of interest for professionals who deal with healthcare. Is also focuses on how traumatic events can have certain effects on the spirituality of individuals. This journal was written with an intention of educating and making people aware of how traumatic events have an impact on the spiritual growth of human beings. It was also written to disclose how spirituality in turn affects how an individual acts and their behavior after the traumatic events. This journal is useful because it displays how spirituality, one of the most important aspect of the seven Chakras, influences an individual’s behavior after trauma. This formed the second source for my research.

Murray, Joseph, David P. Farrington, and Ivana Sekol. "Children's antisocial behavior, mental health, drug use, and educational performance after parental incarceration: a systematic review and meta-analysis." Psychological bullet in 138.2 (2012): 175.

Murray, Farrington and Sekol have written an article giving an account of …

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