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Subject: Application letter for university admission

Dear Admissions Counselor,

I am writing this letter regarding an invitation to attend Minerva University. I have learned that the university offers scholarships this year to all the students. This sounds like a very generous offer which I should not miss. I have to admit, our university professors teach mostly via lecturing which is quite an old method of teaching. However, old does not the best teaching methodology.

Traditional lectures are not allowed at Minerva. I agree that “lectures are a great way to teach, but a terrible way to learn” (Wood). According to Wood, “all Minerva classes take the form of seminars conducted on the platform” that sounds like a great way of study even though somewhat untraditional. Additionally, I am enthusiastic about elitist and selective courses of Minerva. Studying at different place every year is also a great plus because it gives the feeling and understanding of international experience. The cities are in different countries and even continents as the plan is to open dorms in such cities as London, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Berlin and Mumbai by 2016 (Wood).

Besides, geographic freedom also sounds so great since you are not forced to live in a place you totally dislike. Also, I think it is a good idea not to keep additional buildings for extracurricular activities. Such policies give possibilities to save much funding on more important study activities. Even though the university studying sounds totally different from ‘university’ style in our traditional understanding, it is still attractive and worth trying. Right now I am studying at BSU. It is an excellent educational establishment. However, I am so excited about a chance to study at Minerva University that I will ask for transference options. Please consider my application.

Thanking you earnestly.

Yours sincerely,

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