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For thousands of years, men watched the birds flying from one area to another, and they began to wish to fly. It was a dream by humanity to be able to emulate the birds and fly. In 1903, the Wright brothers were able to fly the first plane for twelve seconds and ironically, it was only able to cover 120 feet. Today, aerospace engineers are working on different aerospace projects to improve the flying experience. For instance, they are working on supersonic jets that can take one from New York to Tokyo in two hours. There has also been an improvement regarding the development of space travel such that, today, scientists can send robots to explore other planets. In this paper, it focusses on the future of aerospace engineering in the aviation industry i.e. what people should expect shortly (Rainer Kölle, 2011).

Future Models of Aircraft

The airplane models today comprise of a cylindrical fuselage that has wings that have been attached on it. Airplanes have used this design as an ideal design for many years. However, there are studies that show that one can incorporate a new design for the aircraft. For instance, the AHEAD aircraft design is exploring a new model whereby it will comprise an integrated wing and body model known as the blended wing body design. This new design will reduce the drag levels, which is a current problem in the aircraft design. Today, airplanes overcome the drag by using more power, which results in greater fuel consumption. However, using a blended wing body, it will be able to minimize the drag that an airplane experiences, and ensure that the aircraft becomes more fuel-efficient than the current airplane bodies (Abrahams, 2015).

Propulsion Systems

The jet engines use the turbofan engines, which work on the following principle. There are large volumes of air that flow through and around the engine. Most of this air that flows through the engine is used to burn the kerosene fuel in the combustor. The heated air will drive the turbines, which will in turn drive the compressors that make up the propulsion system. Aeronautic engineers are designing new jet engines known as the hybrid engine. The hybrid engine will use different combustion systems. The first combustor will burn the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and the second combustor will burn the biofuel. By using different combustors, it will improve the efficiency of engines and reduce the emissions (Gudmundsson, 2013).

The Counter-Rotating Fan

In using this design, it will be able to improve the engine thrust of an airplane. It comprises of a large fan, which is made up of two rows of blades that rotate in the opposite directions. This new design has been seen to be able to improve the engine’s efficiency (Lloyd Dingle, 2013).

Reduction of Airplane Pollution

It has been noted that the current aircraft engines emit large quantities of heat, noise, particles and gasses that contribute to environmental pollution and climate change. This problem has been increased by the …

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