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The Gallic War Essay: How do the internal politics of the Gauls shape Caesar's actions?

Gaul was a place found during the Roman times in Europe; it was a kingdom that was located along the Western region. In Caesar’s book The Gallic War, he describes Gaul as an area divided into three parts which had different in habitants. The inhabitants included the Belgae, Aquitani and Celtae (Caesar, book I, Page.1). Caesar then brings out a man called Orgetorix who had a high political and social status amongst the people of Helvetii (Caesar, book I, Page.1). Orgetorix wanted to become king and conquer Gaul, and in the process he urges the warriors in Helvetii to prepare for war so as to acquire more land (Caesar, book I, Page 1-2). This ignited the crusades that had the agenda of conquering Gaul to start emerging. This kind of rebellions and political ambitions that were sought-after rising against Caesar’s rule, moulded his political actions as seen in the Gallic War. This essay will, therefore, look at the writings of Caesar on the Gallic war and his political and social achievements in Gaul and the Roman Empire.

The structure of the Gallic war

The composition of the Gallic war mainly constituted of kingdoms which fought at different times with the main aim of expanding their territories and overcoming the Roman rule. The Helvetii, who were the first people to form their rebellion, so as to gain more land. This ideology was ignited by Orgetorix, when he radicalized the people of Helvetii to subdue Gaul because their country was small. The Helvetii formed strategies for two years, formulated to win the war. Although Orgetorix dies along the way, the Helvetians continue with the war and when Caesar learns of this, he devices a plan that is used to counter the Helvetian attack (Caesar, book I, Page2-27). The Belgae also conspired to go to war and they form an army, with the agenda of forming a revolution.

The Belgae want to reclaim land which they believe is theirs mainly because they are of the German origin. A tribe called Bellovaci joins the war and contributes a lot of men for the war. Galba, the man who heads the campaign, offers troops and other tribes such as Menapii, Caleti, Morini among others also chip in to the troops. Caesar with the help of Remi, learned everything that the Belgae were doing, making it easy for Caesar to defeat them (Caesar, book II, Page.1-33). War then erupts in Veneti which sees the Roman authorities being assaulted and heavy attacks are made against Veneti. Caesar is able to defeat the people of Veneti through his army (Caesar, book III, page. 7-16). The Gallic War moves up to Britain where Caesar uses methods that focus on expanding the Roman Empire. Caesar is able to conquer the kingdoms that he goes after but he lacks the strength to supress others like Britain.

Military system of the Roman army

The military system of the Roman …

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