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The Glass Menagerie

Tom Winfield is a character in the book the Glass Menagerie. Tom Winfield is the main character in the storybook. Tom is the son to Amanda and he Brother to Laura. When we read the play, it is evident that Tom plays a double role in the book. Tom plays the role of a protagonist as well as he plays the role of a narrator. An in-depth analysis shows that the play bases its origin from the memories of Tom.

Tom has a direct address to the audience and also takes a position as a character in the book the Glass Menagerie. The paper will focus on the desires of Tom Winfield, what prevented Tom from the desires and the Resolutions that he made.The desire to escape from the pressure is the first desires that I can be able to point out from Tom Winfield. Tom feels that there is a lot of pressure that emanates from the side of his family and job that he cannot be able to handle. Thus he develops a desire to escape from the pressure. The job that Tom Winfield does is a warehouse job that he feels is monotonous. In the excerpt Tom says, “Listen! You think I’m crazy about the warehouse? (He bends fiercely toward her slight figure.) You think I’m in love with the Continental Shoemakers? You think I want to spend fifty-five years down there in that—celotex interior! with—fluorescent—tubesl Look! I’d rather somebody picked up a crowbar and battered out my brains—than go back mornings! I go! Every time you come in yelling that God-damn “Rise and Shine!” “Rise and Shine!” (Tennessee, 1945).

The talk from Tom shows how he is dissatisfied with his job and desires to exit from the environment. The desires to escape the pressures from the family causes Tom to go outside and smoke thinking that he has made an escape only to remain trapped in the tenement. The desires that Tom has is to have freedom, always trying to escape from alcohol, going to the movies on subsequent nights trying to escape into the action adventure life.

Tom has strong memories of his sister and that is what prevents Tom Winfield from achieving his desires. Tom feels that when he leaves to follow his desires the memories would soon fade away. Tom says, “Perhaps it was a familiar bit of music, Perhaps it was only a transparent piece of glass." (Tennessee, 1945). Laura, who is Toms sister, has the capability and the frequent urge that saw her always play records on her Victrola. The frequent playing of records on Victoria is what Tom felt that he would miss, and this did prevent him from achieving his desires that included freedom by leaving his family and home.

Tom wing field performs only when he has a surrounding that includes friends and him doing some activities thus this prevents him from achieving his …

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